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For more than two decades, we have been offering our services. We currently have millions of satisfied users, the most of which are from Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. According to a nationwide survey, the average distance between printer retailers is more than 30 miles, making transporting a printer to a location that is too far away and inconvenient for everyone nearly impossible.

However, when you get to the store, you find out that the printer is OK, but the issue is with your home computer, which isn’t connecting with the printer due to defective drivers, firmware difficulties, window updates, or print spooler, among other things… So you’ll have to bring your computer to the store, which is inconvenient, and if you have a wireless printer, there’s no use in attending because you won’t be able to repair it offline or from another local printer store. So, in such case, you should contact the printer’s support department directly.

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Most Common Printing Problems That Occurs

The “Offline” or “Not responding” status of the printer isn’t the only problem consumers encounter. Review the list of typical printer issues and fixes provided above.

Paper Jams :-This is among the most popular printing styles. Unmaintained printers, using filthy paper for printing tasks, improper paper alignment in the system, and perhaps worn-out roller conditions all contribute to jams.

Printer refuses to function :-Occasionally, a printer will refuse to perform its task without warning the user. In this case, make sure the printer is properly connected to your computer, network, and, if it’s a wireless system, make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong and connected to your system.

Slow Printing :-The process of printing slowly becomes very tedious. Avoid double-sided printing to avoid this problem because it typically causes the printing process to lag. It also helps to change the “Draft printing mode.” RAM can have a number of important implications on your system.

Ghosting Error :-Another common printing problem is called “Ghosting,” which occurs when the exact identical copy of your printed text is replicated somewhere else in a considerably lighter text. This can be fixed by checking that the outlet providing power to the printer is in place and replacing any old equipment that may be causing ghosting errors, such as drums or imaging kits.

Low quality of the printed pictures :-Using the wrong type of paper, running out of one color and causing picture degradation, utilizing outdated ink cartridges, using dirty nozzles, and improper paper alignment are all causes of poor picture quality. Avoid any foggy photos and be mindful of these elements.

Agitated at low ink warning :-after just having the ink in your cartridges refilled? – You recently had your cartridge toner renewed, and now you’re wondering why you’re getting a low toner alert! A little shake would help you since it will evenly spread the toner throughout the cartridge. This typically occurs when the toner becomes attached to the cartridge’s walls. Avoid using coloured toner if at all possible because it has a lower page yield than black toner. As a final piece of advice, keep printing until you notice the text fading because systems typically warn you far before the toner is very close to running out.

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HP Printer

HP Printer Setup

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Canon Printer Setup

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Brother Printer Setup

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Epson Printer Setup

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