How to setup brother dcp printer

Brother Printer DCP Setup

Brother DCP Printer Setup

Check the machine’s parts after it has been unpacked.

Remove the tape or film that is protecting the equipment and the supplies. Depending on where you live, the box’s components may vary.


  • Keep the box and all packaging supplies on hand in case you need to ship your computer.
  • The proper interface cable for the interface you intend to use must be purchased. Use a Type A/B USB 2.0 cable that is no longer than 2 metres.
  • Brother tries to cut waste and conserve the energy and raw resources needed for production. Visit to learn more about our environmental initiatives.

Fill the paper tray with plain A4 paper. 1. Open the output paper tray cover.

  • Make the paper guides proper. Fill the tray after fanning the paper well.
  • Snap the output paper tray lid closed before carefully inserting the tray all the way into the device.
  • To prevent the printed pages from falling, pull out the paper support (a) and open the paper support flap (b).

You can modify the paper type or size after the machine setup is complete. Check check the Online User’s Guide at for further details on paper handling.

Organize the power cord

NOTE: You can change the tilt of the control panel to make it easier to read the LCD.

After turning the device on, you might need to select your language or country (depending on your machine). If necessary, adhere to the LCD’s instructions.

Put the inbox ink cartridges in place

Remove the machine’s orange protection piece by opening the ink cartridge lid.

Please save the orange protecting part; do not discard. If you plan on moving the machine, you will require it.

Install the ink cartridges by following the directions on the LCD. Ink cartridge cover should be closed. The machine will set up the printing ink tube system.

NOTE: The printer will use some ink to fill the ink delivery tubes for high-quality printouts the first time you add a set of ink cartridges. It will only take place once.

Decide on a date and time.

To set the date and time, follow the LCD’s instructions. You can set the Firmware Update defaults after establishing the date and time.

Verify the printing quality.

After following the LCD’s directions, hit [OK] or c. The Print Quality Check Sheet is printed by the machine. Check the four colour blocks on the sheet for quality using the instructions on the LCD, and begin the cleaning process if necessary.

Align the print properly (recommended)

Press [Start] to change the print orientation before using your machine.

To print the adjustment sheet, according to the LCD’s instructions. The upper left corner of the sheet bears the black circle mark. Place the Adjustment Sheet on the scanner’s glass with the face down. Ensure that the black circle mark is in the scanner’s upper-left corner. Complete the alignment adjustments by following the LCD’s directions. Remove the Adjustment Sheet from the scanner glass once you’re done.

Make all LCD notifications disappear

Depending on your model, you can clear any notifications that show up on the LCD by selecting [OK] or pressing OK.

Choose a language (if needed)

MFC-J1010DW and DCP-J1050DW

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Press a or b to select the following:
    1. Select [Initial Setup], and then press OK.
    2. Select [Local Language], and then press OK.
    3. Select your language, and then press OK.
  3. Press Stop/Exit.


  1. Press [Settings] > [All Settings] > [Initial Setup] > [Local Language].
  2. Press your language.
  3. Press home button.

Attach the phone line cord (MFC-J1010DW only)

Go to 12 if you aren’t using your device as a fax machine. Consult the Online User’s Guide for more details on how to use the fax feature.

Regarding Europe

If you require a real Brother cord, we can send one to you without charge. Visit to get in touch with us.

Connect your computer or smartphone to the device you’re using.

To set up one of the connection types that are accessible on your machine, follow these instructions.

To download and set up Brother software, go to

Setup Finished

Now that you have your machine, you may print and scan. Visit to see if the firmware is up to date.

Note of Important for Network Security:

On the machine’s back, under the phrase “Pwd,” is the default password for controlling its settings. We advise updating the machine’s default password right away to prevent unauthorised access.

Wireless setup manually

Try manually setting up the connection if the wireless setup fails.

Write down your wireless access point or router’s SSID (Network Name) and Network Key (Password) and enter them in the table below.

Ask your network administrator or the maker of your wireless access point or router if you are unable to locate this information.

MFC-J1010DW and DCP-J1050DW

  1. Select WiFi or on the panel on your device.
  2. Select [Find Wi-Fi Network] by pressing OK. The LCD displays the message “[Enable WLAN?]”.
  3. To choose Yes, press c.


On your computer, select [Find Wi-Fi Network]. [Yes]. Enter the Network Key and choose the SSID (Network Name) for your access point or router (Password). The LCD shows [Connected] after a successful wireless setup.

Restart your Brother device, your wireless access point or router, and try again if configuration is unsuccessful. To install software, go to 12.

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