How to setup the brother MFC printer

Brother Wireless Setup

Brother MFC Printer Setup

 It’s no secret that your Brother MFC 9340CDW All-in-One colour machine has many beautifully modern capabilities such as the capacity to copy, print, fax, and scan documents.Its capacity to connect to WiFi is an additional fantastic feature. Particularly for those wishing to work remotely without having to deal with a chord or cable, wireless use of the device can be very beneficial and time-saving.

To make setting up a wireless connection as simple as possible, make sure you have your network name (SSID/ESSID) and network key (password/security key) memorised or written down before connecting to WiFi.


How to WiFi-connect the Brother MFC 9340CDW:


  1. Hit the WiFi icon.

Your touch screen’s upper right corner should display this icon. Press this symbol to proceed to step 6 if you have it.

Skip step 1 and go to step 2 if you don’t have this button.

  1. Click the Settings icon.

This is the tool icon on your touch screen’s upper right corner.

  1. Toggle to “All Settings.”
  2. Select “Network.”
  3. Select “WLAN.”
  4. Click “Setup Wizard.”
  5. When prompted to “Enable WLAN? On the touch screen, it says “.
  6. Select a network name (SSID).

A list of accessible network names in your area will be shown on your device. Check your wireless router or access point to determine if it is turned on and connected if your network name is not shown. You might need to move your computer closer to the wireless router or access point if that’s the case.

  1. Currently, you have the following choices:
  2. Network Key, please. Utilizing the touch screen, enter the network key (security key/password) for your wireless router/access point. To save the settings, press “OK” after entering your network key and then “Yes.” Go to step 10 now.
  3. Network Key not required. This step can be skipped if your network name is not protected by a password by moving on to step 10.
  4. WPS path. When the device prompts you to WPS, select “Yes” if your wireless network or access point supports the WPS. Press your wireless router’s or access point’s WPS button when the device prompts you to start WPS. then utilise the touch screen to select “Next.”
  5. Establish WiFi.

As your computer tries to connect to your wireless router or access point, give it some time. When the connection is complete, a tiny image with a 4-level wireless strength indication should appear.

Your Brother MFC 9340CDW is now WiFi-connected. Your device will send you a printout of a WLAN report and let you know on the touch screen when the connection has been successful. Retrace your steps and figure out where the problem might have arisen if connection is lost.

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