Brother Printer Black not Printing

Brother printer Black not printing?

Brother Printer Black not Printing


You are not alone; it is a regular problem for printers of all brands to have ink but not print. Brother printers will be the subject of our discussion in this instance, so before you start cursing, read the article carefully to learn how to handle this bothersome problem while maintaining your composure. We’ll discuss why this occurs and what remedies you can do on your own to have the issue resolved soon.

Causes and solutions for your Brother printer’s ink and toner problems

There are many reasons why your Brother printer may stop printing or print poorly even though you have not jumped the ink out alarm, including errors in the cartridges, dry ink-clogged print heads, a very low level of consumables, a poor connection between the computer and the printer, a damaged cable, a jam in the print queue, etc. However, we’ll concentrate on the most frequent causes of this in this post.

If your Brother printer has ink but won’t print, there are solutions.

The first thing you should do is make sure that the printer and computer are connected properly, that you have selected the right port, and that there hasn’t been a print queue jam. If the printer still won’t print after you’ve done this, continue with the next steps.

Reboot the computer

The oldest and most effective trick is this one. Disconnect the printer’s power supply, restart the computer, and then turn the printer off.

Check the cartridges’ ink levels.

We can examine the amount of ink in our cartridges. Brother from the control panel of the printer:

  • Select “Menu.”
  • Choose “Ink” or “Ink Management” using the arrow keys or the keypad, then press OK.
  • Choose “Ink Volume” using the arrow keys once more, and then click OK.

This can be an issue if the ink levels are too low.

The ink cartridges reset

Your cartridges might contain ink, but because they are compatible cartridges, your printer might not be able to identify them. This issue also has a fix, so there is a quick tip you can do to keep saving money with compatible consumables before you switch to original cartridges.

Before looking at the cartridge chip, make sure the cartridges are properly inserted. Clean it with a cotton swab and some alcohol if it’s unclean, and press it to reset it if it’s been set up wrongly. Now switch off and restart the printer.

Examine and maintain the print heads.

Printing a test page is the first step to take. How? The method for doing this may differ significantly for each model. However, this is the most typical method:

  • Shut off the printer, check that the front cover is shut tightly, then plug the power cord in.
  • Hold down the GO button while waiting for each indicator light to turn on.
  • After the lights have once more dimmed, let go of the button.
  • The printer driver on the computer itself can be used to complete the task.

Check the print quality once the test pattern has been printed; if it is subpar, clean the print heads. How? Take these actions:

  • Locate and push the INK button on the control panel of your printer if it has a touch screen. Otherwise, click the “Menu” button, move the cursor up or down until “Ink” is selected, and then click the “OK” button.
  • Select “Cleaning” this time by using the arrow navigators once more, then click “OK.”
  • Depending on what you want to clean, press the up or down navigator arrows to choose “Black,” “Color,” or “All,” and then press “OK.”
  • The print heads on the PC can also be cleaned.

Print another test pattern after the cleanup is finished to check if the issue has been fixed. Also keep in mind that printing head cleaning uses ink. It could be necessary to do another cleaning cycle if the printheads are clogged.

Complete Brother printer cleaning

If you clean the print heads numerous times and the printing does not get better, use the unique cleaning approach, as advised by Brother support. The first thing to remember is that if we begin the cleaning process with little ink, we risk damaging the machinery. So we do the following:

  • We make sure that the ink is at least halfway full.
  • To press the button with the ink icon, we use the navigation dates.
  • Once more using the arrow keys, choose “Print head cleaning” and then click “OK”.
  • The unit will now begin cleaning if you simultaneously press “Settings” and “OK.”
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