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Brother Printer OfflineHow to Fix Brother Printer is Offline

When a Brother printer is in the “Online” state, it can connect to other devices like laptops and desktops when it is “Offline,” which prevents it from doing so. A link to other devices is required because printing requires the printer to receive data from other devices. The reason why your Brother printer is displayed as “Offline” could be that it is not turned on, has faults like empty toner, is not set as the default printer, has a USB cord or network connection issue, or has any number of other issues.

No printer connected .

Due to the fact that it is not turned on, your Brother printer may be labelled as “Offline”. Even if your printer is connected to your computer through USB, if the printer is not turned on, your computer won’t detect any connection. Brother advises inspecting the LCD screen of the printer; if it is blank, the printer might not be turned on. Ensure that the printer is plugged into an outlet, that the outlet is operational, and that all switches are set to the “On” position.

 Printer error

If your Brother Printer is having issues like “Toner Empty” or “Paper Jam,” both of which would hinder printing, it may be category as “Offline.” Brother advises looking for any potential error messages on the printer’s LCD panel. If an error notice appears, try to fix it before rechecking whether the printer is online.

 Not the default printer Printer:

If your Brother printer isn’t selected as the default printer on your computer, it can be “Offline.” When you click “Print,” your laptop or computer will automatically send a print job to the default printer (unless you specify differently). Your computer might be attempting to connect to a different printer if the default printer is not your Brother printer. In the “Devices” section of your computer, you can set your printer as the default device. It is necessary to reinstall the printer driver from a CD-ROM or Brother’s website if it is not listed as a device in the devices area.

 USB Cable or Network Problem

Your Brother printer may potentially be labelled as “Offline” if the USB cable or network connection is problematic. If you use a USB cable to connect to your printer, there may be a problem with the cable’s hardware; Brother advises using USB cables with twisted pair wire, shielding, and a maximum length of 6 feet. If you use a network to access your printer, the network may be down or protected by a firewall; Brother advises verifying your network’s router or hub, making sure your computer’s firewall is not set to prevent the network connection, and performing network connection diagnostics.

 What makes printers malfunction?

There are many things that can stop the printer from functioning properly due to the complicated procedure that takes place between the time you click “Print” and the second your business document leaves the office printer. Driver troubles, software issues, device failures, and overuse are frequent causes.

Stuck Print Spooler

When you print a document, it is momentarily saved on your computer. Stuck Print Spooler 1. When the job is ready, your printer retrieves it and prints the page. Jobs that you send to the printer won’t print, and the printer won’t reply in any way if the Windows print spooler service becomes blocked. The spooler service should be restarted to fix the issue. When “services” shows in the search results, click “Start,” write “services” (without the quotes) in the box, and then click “Services.” Restart “Print Spooler” by selecting it from the context menu.

Driver Problem 1.

Software that enables communication between the operating system and the device is known as a device driver. The printer will either not work or produce printouts with gibberish on them if the printer driver is broken or not installed. A printer without a driver installed will have an exclamation point next to it in Devices and Printers. The installation disc that comes with the printer, Windows Update, or the manufacturer’s website are all good places to get printer drivers.


Every printer has a suggested monthly page volume. Typically, you can find this information in the printer’s user manual, in the retail box, or on the printer’s product page online. A printer will eventually experience frequent jams if the recommended capacity is routinely exceeded, and internal components like the paper collection rollers will wear out much more quickly than they typically would. For instance, you shouldn’t let a whole department print to a little desktop laser printer. Before choosing which model to purchase when looking for office printers, think about how many employees will be using it and how many pages they will print each month.


When they run out of paper, ink, or toner, or if the printer senses a problem with the ink or toner cartridge, most printers will stop functioning. When this happens, your printer may display an error message or have blinking green or amber lights. If the waste toner container, which serves as a holding area for wasted toner particles during the printing process, fills up on a larger, high-volume business printer, the device may also stop working. If an internal sensor detects that a drum or other component has run out of useful life, certain laser printers will likewise stop functioning.

 How to prevent printing to offline printers in Windows.

You can choose to print a document using an offline printer if you use more than one printer to print your documents. The majority of Windows apps, including Microsoft Office Word and Excel and Adobe Acrobat, will simply send the file to the printer spooler, and as soon as the printer is online, Windows will instruct the printer to print the documents. You must manually clear the files from each printer’s queue in order to force Windows to stop printing to offline printers.

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