Brother Printer Paper Jam

Brother Printer Paper Jam

Brother Printer Paper Jam


The letter If the Brother printer is not feeding paper properly, paper scraps have gotten stuck in the print head path, the paper is not loaded properly in the paper tray, the jam clear cover at the back of the printer is not installed correctly, or the PE Actuator is missing or damaged, a paper jam message may appear on the display.

Please follow the actions listed below to fix this issue:

Please take note that the images below are from a representative product and may not match your Brother machine exactly.

  1. Unplug the device from the power source.
  2. Turn the device around and, by grabbing the Jam Clear Cover in the centre and pulling it straight out from the back of the machine, remove it.

DON’T put the jam there. clear cover should be placed facing down like in the illustration. You risk causing a paper jam
and damaging the cover.

3. Check the back of the device for any paper fragments, paper that is jammed, or foreign objects. Remove anything that
is discovered.

4. Take out the machine’s paper tray.

5. Clear any residual or stuck paper from the machine’s front.

6. Find the white PE Actuator within the device where the paper tray was inserted.

Avoid leaning the equipment on its end. The printer can leak ink.

Near the back centre of the device, where the paper tray slides in, is where the PE Actuator, which resembles a two-pronged fork or tuning fork, is situated. Between the two grey rollers is where it is.

• Go to Step 7 if the White PE Actuator is installed.

• Use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch with Brother Customer Service if the White PE Actuator is missing.

7. Lift the flat-bed scanner by using both hands and the plastic tabs on either side of the device until it is firmly locked into the open position.

• Carefully check for paper fragments in regions 1 and 2 on the left and right sides of the platen area.

• These shreds could be hard to notice because they are ink-saturated.

• To completely inspect, if necessary, use a flashlight.

• To access one or both sides of the platen region, it might be necessary to move the print head.

• Disconnect the machine’s power source before relocating the print head.

• Use your fingers to gently move the print head.

• Take care not to jerk the print head around. It should be when the power is off.

8. Open the lock by lifting the scanner cover (1). Close the scanner cover by gently depressing the support for the scanner cover (3).

9. Rotate the device once more to check for
paper jams.

10. Reinstall the Jam Clear Cover after making sure there are no paper jams. Verify that the back cover is fully attached. It must be fitted such that the back of the machine is flush with it.

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