Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

Understanding the Cause of Your Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

1. Your Brother printer may output blank pages if the ink in the cartridge is low.
2. An unreliable internet connection may be the root of this problem if you’re utilising a wireless Brother printer.
3. It will print blank pages if the ink cartridge is not placed correctly or is of poor quality.
4. A printer may output blank pages as a result of incorrect printer driver settings.
5. Printers with dirty printheads may produce blank pages.

Let’s move on to learning how to cope with your Brother printer when it prints blank pages now that you know why it is doing it.
Quick fixes for the Brother printer printing blank pages
Try the following repairs on the printer or computer if your Brother printer is printing blank pages. All of the aforementioned techniques have been tried and true, and they are seen to be the best options. Here it is:

Fix 1: -Remove and re-insert the Brother printer’s ink cartridge.

You should immediately reinsert the toner to fix the problem if the Brother printer is printing blank pages due to improper ink cartridge installation.
• Carefully remove the printer’s installed toner cartridge.
• Lock the printer’s door and set the spare cartridge in its designated spot.
• Use a cloth to wipe the outside of the ink cartridge.
• Wait a while before using the printer and ink cartridge.
• Reinstall the toner correctly and shut the printer’s door.
Turn on your Brother printer after completing the aforementioned steps to see if blank pages are printing once more.

Fix 2:-Brother Printer Heads: Clean them

Note: Make sure your Brother printer is off before following these instructions.
• Move your cursor over the Brother printer’s screen and select the “Menu” button.
• Select the “Ink” section using the navigation button.
• Open the “Cleaning” window, then click “OK” when the confirmation message appears on your printer’s screen.
• Select the “Black colour” option from the list, then click right to reveal the characteristics.
• Select “Clean” as the first option, then “Shading cartridges.”
• Select “Clean” and then confirm your decision.
Your Brother will print papers without any problems after following the instructions precisely and cleaning the print heads.

Fix 3:-Align the print differently

You should attempt addressing the print alignment difficulties with your printer if your Brother printer is printing blank pages. The steps you should take are as follows:
• Start the printer and open the ‘Ink section’.
•Select the “Improve Print Quality” option from the expanded selections.
•Select the “Alignment” option by navigating to it and clicking.
•Following that, you must choose the “Size of the Paper” according to the alignment you desire.
•The paper tray must then be pushed into position and sufficiently loaded with papers.
•Check to determine if your Brother printer is printing correctly by running a test print.

Fix 4:-Install the printer driver after uninstalling it.

• After launching Windows, click the “Start” button, then expand “All Programs.”
• Double-click on the “Printers and Scanners” item in the “Control Panel” box.
• To expand options, locate the “Brother printer driver” and click it directly.
• Select “Uninstall” from the menu.
• Whenever you are prompted for confirmation, select “Yes.”
• The Brother printer driver will eventually be uninstalled, as you can see.
• Open a web browser now, then navigate to the official Brother printer website.
• Download a printer from the website that works with the printing equipment and your version of Windows.nt.

Fix 5:-Delete the Keep Printed Documents checkbox.

• On the Brother printer’s interface, select the “Printer properties” option.
• Select ‘Advanced’ from the available menu options.
• After selecting the “Printer process” key, choose “WIN PRINT” from the menu.
• Right now, look for the “RAW alternative” in the “Default” data.
• Press the “OK” key.
• Select the “Advanced” tab, then uncheck the option next to “Keep printed documents.”

Fix 6 .The status of the printer’s ink

Your Brother printer’s ink status is appropriately configured, which is one of the causes of blank pages being printed. Change the status to the appropriate one by following the instructions below:
• Let’s first determine whether the toner’s ink reservoir is full or empty. Brother printer, turn it on.
• Click the ‘Menu’ button next to the printer’s display.
• Using the navigation buttons, select the “Ink management” option.
• Press the OK button. Choose the “Ink volume” option to reveal its window after that.
• You can view the ink status here by selecting the ‘OK’ button.

How Can I Fix the Mac Problem With My Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages?

There is a specific method to resolve blank print-up troubles if your Brother printer is linked to your Mac device:
• From the menu list of Apple programmes, select the “System Preferences” section.
• Double-click the ‘Hardware’ tab after opening the ‘Printers & Scanners’ tab.
• Next, find the “Printer Driver” that is to blame for the “Brother printer printing blank pages” problems.
• Expand the list by clicking on the driver’s right mouse button, then click the “Delete” button.
• If you must confirm your selection, do so by clicking the “OK” button.
• If you have an excessive number of Brother printer drivers, remove them altogether. Now click the “+” icon one again.
• After that, you must choose the “Default Icon” and then pick the “Brother printer” from the list.
•Choose “CUPS Driver” from the printer drop-down list.
•Then, refresh the window by clicking the “Add” button.
•The Brother printer driver is now shown on the list.
Now that you are aware of how to handle blank pages being printed by your Brother printer.

How Do I Fix Windows Problem With Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages?

If your Windows device is connected to your Brother printer, there is a specific approach to resolve blank print-up issues:
• On a Windows PC, select the “Start” menu item to display the “Applications” list.
• Select “Control Panel” and visit the “Devices and Printers” section to view the list of installed devices.
•Open the Brother printer disc in the printers folder.
•Access the Properties tab.
• Select the “Advanced” tab, then select the “Printer Processor” choice.
• After that, choose ‘Winprint’ from the options list under ‘Print Processor’.
• Click the ‘Default Data type’ tab after selecting the ‘RAW’ option.
•Click the “OK” button to confirm your selection.
• Select the “Advanced” tab by navigating to it.
• Ensure that the option labelled “Keep printed papers” is unchecked.
• Select the “Apply” button to finish the procedure.

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