Brother Printer Scanner Issue

How to Fix Brother printer scanner issue

Brother Printer Scanner Not Working

Brother printers are renowned for being dependable, desk-friendly, space-saving, and functional, as they can be used for copying, scanning, and faxing in addition to printing.
But just like any other technology, after some time of use, depending on how you’ve used the equipment, it’s possible to run into a few issues here and there. That’s why the most, if not all, devices come with manuals.
However, not all manuals have extensive troubleshooting instructions for every single problem you can encounter, such as when your Brother Printer won’t scan when you’re using the Windows 10 operating system.
Brother Printer won’t scan in Windows 10? Here are some fixes you can try. In this scenario, it’s conceivable that the scanner driver’s network setting is incorrect.

FIX: Brother Printer won’t scan Windows 10

1. Verify that the device is turned on and error-free.
When the LCD display on the Brother Printer is blank after turning it on, it is either off or in sleep mode.
Therefore, you can try pressing the printer’s button to see if it wakes it up from sleep mode. If it does, make sure the printer’s power line is plugged in and all power switches are turned to ON.
Look for any problem warnings on the LCD display, such as “paper jam” or “ink/toner empty,” and troubleshoot to remove them if necessary.

2. Check your connection
You must configure your Brother printer since it runs from a server computer rather than a client PC if you want to utilise the network scanning tool in a peer-to-peer network setting.

3.Verify whether the printer is ready for use.

Open Printer Properties to access options for operating the printer, including configuring ports and hardware-related adjustments.
• Select Control Panel by clicking Start.
• Select Sound and Hardware
Click Devices and Printers
• Click Printer Properties from the context menu when you right-click your Brother printer.
• Click Print Test Page to see if your printer is ready to print.

4. Check the Brother printer’s scanner driver.
Select Control Panel from the Start menu to access the scanner list.
Type “scanner” into the Control Panel’s search bar, then click View scanners and cameras.
Verify that your Brother printer has a scanner icon Install the scanner driver if it isn’t already there.
Visit the Brother website’s Downloads area.
Follow the available instructions after downloading the whole driver and software package.

5. Check the IP address of your Brother printer

If the Brother printer won’t scan, print a network configuration list, which generates a report of every active network configuration, including the network print server settings, to find out its IP address.
Follow these steps to print the network configuration list:
• Press Menu on your Brother Printer
• Select Print Reports
• Select Network Config and press OK
• Press Black (Mono) Start or Color Start or Start
• Press Stop/Exit
Note: Give it a minute or so and try again if the IP address on the network settings list reads

6. Set the IP address on the scanner driver
To do this, click Start and choose Control Panel.
This will bring up the Scanner Properties window.
Then click View scanners and camera.
Type “scanner” in the search box, pick your scanner, and then click the Properties button.
Click Continue or Yes (for admin) if the UAC (User Account Control) page appears, or input the admin password and click OK or Yes.
When prompted, enter the IP address you confirmed in the previous step and click OK. Click the Network Setting tab.

7. Check Firewall settings
Your Brother printer might not scan if firewalls or other security programmes block the network connection required for the network scanning software to function properly. Disable your computer’s firewall to fix this issue, then run a fresh scan.
If it works after turning off the firewall, you can keep doing so whenever a scan is required, or you can leave it on while adjusting the firewall’s settings.
Do the following to disable your firewall settings:
• Select System and Security in Control Panel after opening it.
Click Windows Firewall
• Select Network and Sharing Center

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