Brother printer troubleshooting guide

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Brother Printer Trouble ShootingTroubleshooting a Brother Printer

It is essential that you are familiar with the fundamental troubleshooting procedures if you own a Brother printer. Brother printer repairs may be done quickly and affordably. Let’s first talk about the frequent problems that people have before we begin troubleshooting the Brother printer.

What are some typical issues with Brother printers?

You could run into a variety of problems when printing. Keep in mind that not all Brother printer issues and fixes require a professional. You won’t have to waste time seeking for a repairman if you master the fundamentals, such how to connect your Brother printer to your computer or wifi. Additionally, since you won’t have to pay for professionals, it is very economical. So let’s begin by following a step-by-step tutorial to discover how to troubleshoot a Brother printer.

How to connect Brother printer to Wifi?

Do you have any issues using WiFi to connect your Brother printer? Doesn’t it seem like the end is near? Most of the information we wish to print these days is readily available online. Follow the instructions below to connect your Brother printer to WiFi so that you may accomplish your printing needs.

There are two ways to learn how to connect a Brother printer to wifi:

Option 1: To connect your printer to your wireless network, press the WPS button.

If your printer and router both have WPS pairing buttons, click the printer’s button first for two minutes before pushing the router’s matching button.

Option 2: To connect to your wireless network, use the control panel on your printer. Follow these instructions to connect your Brother printer to the internet:

First, turn on your Brother printer.

Step 2: Click Menu on the printer’s control panel.

Step 3: Press OK after selecting Network with the Up or Down arrow keys.

Step 4: Press OK after selecting Setup Wizard with the Up or Down arrow keys.

Step 5: When WLAN Enable? appears, choose Yes to activate the wireless network. The wireless setup wizard will launch.

Step 6 :The printer will search for your network and show a list of available network names in step six (SSIDs).

Step 7: Use the Up or Down arrow keys to select an SSID from a list of available SSIDs, then press OK.

Step 8: Choose one of these options:

  • If your authentication method is Open System and your encryption mode is None, move on to the following stage.
  • Enter the Network Key Password if your authentication and encryption method asks for it, then click OK to save your settings. To apply the adjustments, choose Yes.

In step nine, the printer makes an attempt to connect to the wireless network you’ve chosen.

How to connect Brother printer to computer?

Understanding how to connect a Brother printer to a computer is another crucial step in troubleshooting a Brother printer. If it is not linked to your computer, printing is not possible. Observe these procedures to connect your printer to your computer using a cable:

Step 1: To discover the type of cords you’ll need to connect your printer and computer, look at the ports on the back of each device.

The three different kinds of printer cables are parallel, Ethernet, and USB AB.

Step 2: Attach the wire to your PC and printer.

When you finish this step, your computer will automatically detect your printer and install the proper driver.

How to connect to Brother printer?

Would you rather connect wirelessly? The wireless network that your laptop and printer are linked to must be the same. The procedures for connecting a Brother printer to a laptop are listed below.

Turn on your printer in Step 1.

Step 2: On your keyboard, click the Settings button and then press the Windows logo key.

Step 3: Choose your devices.

Step 4: Click Add a printer or scanner after choosing Printers & Scanners.

Choose the printer you want, then click Add device in step 5.

Wait for your computer to install the appropriate driver for your printer in step 6 of the process.

How to scan on Brother printer?

One of the main responsibilities of a printer is scanning. With our thorough instruction, you can learn how to scan on a Brother printer quickly. We will now begin by configuring the scan feature.

The following procedures should be followed to set up and use the Scan to File feature:

Users of Windows:

Step 1: Click Start => All apps => Brother to launch the Control Centre.

Click Brother Utilities in step two.

Step 3: From the pull-down list, select your model name.

Step 4 :Click Control Centre.

Step 5 :In the Task Tray next to the system clock, the Control Centre application will start loading.

Step 6: To open the application window, double-click the Control Centre icon in the Task Tray.

Users of MAC:

Step 1: To access the Control Center, go to Macintosh HD -> Library -> Printers -> Brother -> Utilities -> Control Center -> Control

Step 2: To open the application window, click the Control Center icon in the Task Tray and then select Open.

Click on Configuration -> SCAN -> File in step three.

Step 4: A configuration window for Scan to File will show up.

Step 5: The Scan to File button inside the Control Center software interface is configured using the Software Button tab. The Brother printer’s Scan key is set up using the Device Button tab. Select the tab you want to customise.

Step 6: You can set up the pursuing attributes:

  • File Type.
  • Contrast.
  • Illuminescence.
  • Resolving.

Scanning Type

  • Document Dimensions
  • The destination folder
  • Display the Scanner Interface

Step 7: After configuring each setting, click OK. These settings will be applied to all subsequent scans.

How to use the Scan to File feature from the Control Center?

Step 1: Depending on the model of your Brother printer, place the paper on the scanner bed or in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

Step 2 :Launch the Control Centeriby adhering to Step 1’s instructions.

Step 3: To open the application window, double-click the Control Center icon in the Task Tray.

Step 4: Select the File option from the SCAN menu.

Step 5 :involves scanning your paper and saving it in PDF format.

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