Canon Pixma Pro-100 Setup

How to setup your Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer

This article brief in about the issues related to Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer.

The issues like setting up your Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer, installing the driver for Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer or fixing the issues like color not printing, black not printing, printing blank pages, paper jam issue, or to fix scanner issue for Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer. You can refer to these given steps to reeolve your Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer setup issue, or to fix any issues related to your Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer or to install the driver for Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer.

How to install the driver for Canon Pro 100

If the installation does not begin even after inserting the Setup CD-ROM into your computer’s disc drive:

Begin installing the Canon Pro 100 driver by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Choose the items shown below.
  • Select the Explorer icon in the Taskbar on the Desktop in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, then Computer from the list on the left.
  • In Winndows 7, click Start, then Computer.
  • In Windows XP, go to Start, then My Computer.
  1. On the displayed window, double-click the CD-ROM icon.
  • If the CD-ROM contents are displayed, double-click MSETUP4.EXE.
  • If you are unable to install the Canon Pro 100 driver using the Setup CD-ROM, you can download it from our website.


If the CD-ROM icon does not appear, try these steps:

  • Remove the CD-ROM from the computer and re-inseert it.
  • Start your computer again.

If the icon is not yet visible, try different discs to see if they are. If you see other discs, there is a problem with the Setup CD-ROM.


The printer is not recognised. Examine the connection. Depending on the computer you use, this message may appear.

Check1: Check that the USB cable is securely connected to the printer and the computer.

Check2: To reconnect the printer and computer, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Unplug the USB cable from the printer and computer and reconnect it.
  3. Turn on the printer.

Cheeck3: If you are unable to resolve the issue, follow the steps below to reinstall the Canon Pro 100  driver.

  1. Click the Cancel button.
  2. Click the start over button on the Installation Failure screen.
  3. Exit the “PIXMA Canon Pro 100″ screen, then remove the CD-ROM.
  4. Turn off the printer.
  5. Start the computer again.
  6. Check that no application software is running.
  7. Insert the CD-ROM, then install the printer driver.

How to fix Canon Pixma Pro 100 color not printing

To resolve the “Canon pxima pro 100 color not printing properly” and follow the procedures given below.

  1. Defaulting to a Canon printer
  • Your computer’s control panel should be opened.
  • After that, select “Devices & Printers.”
  • Make sure that your Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer is now selected from the list of all accessible printers as the default printer to resolve the issue of Canon Pixma Pro 100 color not printing.
  • Right-click on the printer labelled “Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer” and choose “Set as Default” if the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer is not already set as the default printer.
  • Make sure the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer has a green check mark on it after being set as the default printer.


Check1: Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer not printing while offline.

Check2: Print queue jobs can be deleted.

Check3: Driver updates for printers.

Check4: Turn off the firewall temporarily.

Check5: The status of the print spooler.

How to fix printing blank pages issue for Canon Pixma Pro 100

Take careful notice of the following actions to fix the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printing blank pages issue:

  1. Printer settings for deep cleaning
  • From the Windows desktop screen, open the Control Panel and then click the “Devices and Printers” link.
  • Right-click on the model name of your Canon printer, then select “Properties.”
  • Select “Preferences” after selecting the “Device Settings” from the printer’s properties section.
  • Select the “Print head option” that is now available from the “Preference” menu.
  • Choose “Deep cleaning” and “No maintenance” from the “Maintenance” menu.
  • To check if the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer is currently printing correctly or not, do a print test here to fix the blank pages issue.

How to fix offline Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer

Here are some things to examine if you try to print using the Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer and a notice appears stating that the printer is offline.

  • Ensure that the printer is turned on and plugged in.
  • Verify that the USB cable is properly seated at the computer and the printer.
  • If necessary, reinstall the cord. Verify that the printer is not plugged into a USB hub but rather is connected directly to the PC.
  • Check to see if the Use Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer Offline option is turned off if you’re using a Windows computer. To ensure that it is not enabled, take the following actions:
  1. Type the letter R while holding down the Windows Windows icon key on the keyboard. This will activate the Run box.
  2. After that type “control printers” into the Run box, and then click OK.
  3. Select See what’s printing from the menu that appears when you right-click on the icon for your printer.
  4. Remove the checkmark from Use Printer Offline by selecting the Printer option.
  5. Retry printing.

How to fix paper jam issue for Canon Pixma Pro 100

The steps listed below should be used to remove the paper jam issue for Canon Pixma Pro 100:

  1. If the paper in the manual feed tray is jammed, use the paper jam clearing button.

To set the manual feed tray to the paper jam clearing position, press the paper jam clearing button on the side of the manual feed tray.

  1. To remove the stuck paper, slowly pull it out.

Paper is stuck in the rear tray or the paper output slot:

Depending on which is simpler, slowly remove the stuck paper from the back tray or the paper output slot.

Remove the other seats of paper that are loaded in the back tray before removing the jammed paper from the tray.


Turn the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer off and back on if you can’t get the paper out. The paper might automatically eject.

Remove the paper from inside the printer if the paper tears and you are unable to clear the jammed paper from the paper output slot.

  1. Reposition the manual feed tray once you’ve removed the paper that has become stuck there.
  2. Then press the resume/cancel button on the printer after reloading the paper.

How to setup Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer

Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer can be setup using different methods listed below:

WPS Connection Approach

To use the WPS push button approach, the following prerequisites must be satisfied before we proceed:

A physical WPS push button must be present on the access point. For details, please see the user manual for your device.

Use the instructions in the section titled “Standard Connection Method” if the WPS push button is not present.

The WiFi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 security protocol must be used by your network. This protocol is used by most access points with WPS capabilities.

Step 1:

  • To start, make sure the printer is turned on.
  • For a few seconds, hold down the [Wi-Fi] button on the printer’s front.

Step 2:

Wait until Wi-Fi button begins to flash blue, then quickly hit the [WPS] button on your access point.

Consult the access point documentation for precise instructions on how to push the WPS button.

The printer’s (blue) Wi-Fi lamp will keep blinking when trying to find or connect to the access point. The blue lamp will stop blinking and stay on once the printer has properly connected to your wireless network.

Standard USB Connection Method

Step 1:

  1. Run the setup from the CD that came with your printer.

Users of Windows If the “Setup CD-ROM” does not autorun, re-insert the CD-ROM into the computer, choose [My Computer], click [MSETUP4.EXE] from the CD-list, ROM’s and then click [OK].

If you are using Windows 8, double-click [Canon IJ]. Double-click [MSETUP4.EXE] when the selection window appears.

Apple users – On your desktop, double-click the [Canon IJ] icon. To begin the software download link, click [SETUP] when the selection box appears.

Please download the manuals and software to proceed if you don’t have the installation CD that came with your product.

  1. Click [Next] when the first screen appears.
  2. he connection method should be [Wireless Connection].
  3. Check to make sure your printer is on, confirm the power lamp is lit, and then click [Next].

Step 2

Click [Connect to the network] in step 1.

  1. Select [Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable] from the list of options on the following screen.
  2. Choose your region on the next screen that displays, then click [Next].
  3. After choosing your language on the following screen, click [Next].
  4. After choosing the software you want to install, click [Next] on the screen that follows. Don’t worry if you’re not sure whatever software you want to install at this time; you can always uninstall it later if you change your mind.

Restoring default factory settings for networks

You can reset your network settings to their factory defaults if you need to, for instance, if you change your access point. Just follow these instructions.

The printer must be re-configured with fresh network settings because initialization deletes all of the machine’s network settings, making it impossible to print or scan from a computer over the network.

  1. Hold down the [RESUME/CANCEL ] button while waiting for the POWER lamp to flash nine times.
  2. Give the [RESUME/CANCEL] button a release.

The network configuration is established up initially.

The network settings have been restored to their original factory defaults.

Please get in touch with us if this process continues to fail after using this guide.

How to setup wireless Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer

To setup wireless Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer follow the given steps:

WPS Connection – Wireless Network Connection for Canon Printer

Make sure that your WiFi router has a WPS button before continuing with this procedure.

  • To begin, turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  • In the next step, navigate to the printer’s “Home” location on touch screen, then press and hold the “WiFi” button.
  • Next, choose “LAN Wireless set up” and then click “OK”.
  • Select a WiFi network (named Canon in your router setting).
  • The WiFi access point will then prompt you for a passphrase or WPA key. Enter your WiFi password right now, and then click “OK.”
  • The procedure of connecting your Canon printer to your WiFi router access point will take a little while.
  • At this point, a connection between the router and the Canon printer will be established automatically.
  • The WiFi and power lights will stop flashing once the wireless connection is complete. As an alternative, they will continue to be lit after the connection.

How to fix scanner issue for Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer

When your Canon Pixma Pro 100 scanner isn’t scanning, Windows offers various troubleshooting techniques to assist you.

Select your printer from the troubleshooter options after typing “troubleshoot” into the search box:

Then you can click on the “Printer” icon to get directly to a printing problem solution, which includes your Canon Pixma Pro 100 scanner, or else you can choose the “Troubleshoot” option to launch the troubleshooter.

Press the “Start the troubleshooter” button.

You can follow the instructions in the Windows troubleshooter to assist identify the cause of your Canon Pixma Pro 100 scanner’s malfunction.

Don’t give up if your Windows is unable to identify the problem and resolve it. You still have further choices.

Update Your Canon Scanner’s Driver

While using the scanner with Windows 10, many Canon Pixma Pro 100 users have stated that updating the scanner’s driver fixed issues. There are several ways to update the scanner’s driver:

  1. Update Windows
  2. Use Device Manager to Verify the Software for Your Canon Pixma Pro 100 Scanner.

How to fix black not printing for Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer

When the printer fails to print black ink, the most likely culprits are the print head nozzles, which become clogged when the printer is not printing black ink. The printer may stop printing black if the black ink runs out or the blank ink cartridge becomes clogged.

Follow the steps listed below to fix black not printing for Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer:

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. Verify that the tray contains at least 5 A4-sized papers.
  3. Unlock the output tray extension and paper output tray (B) (A)
  4. On the printer’s control panel, click Setup to begin the cleaning procedure. Press on the tools/wrench symbol to select the setup.
  5. Locate and choose the Maintenance Menu with the arrow keys, then press OK to access it.
  6. After this, click “Deep Cleaning” and then click OK.
  7. Select YES to confirm your choice, then click the OK button. After this, the cleaning will start; don’t perform any activity until cleaning is complete. Usually, it takes three minutes.
  8. Press OK when you see the pattern print confirmation on the scree


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