Canon Printer Setup

Compatible Canon Printer Setup

Canon Printer Setup

How to Setup Canon Printer

You can use the “Canon printer installer” to set up a wired connection on Windows without a CD by following the procedures listed below.

• First, make an effort to connect your Windows computer and Canon printer properly using the printer’s USB wire.

From the Start button, select the “Devices and Printers” option. After that, select “Properties” from the right-click menu of the printer icon on the newly appeared screen.

After selecting “Ok,” verify the name and model number of your Canon printer and minimise the current screen.
Next, perform a right-click on the “Computer” item in the Start menu and choose “Manage” from the menu that appears.

Now select “Device Manager” in the bottom-left corner of the screen. After that, select “Other Devices” from the list of available choices.
While still in the same window, use the right-click menu to select “Update Driver Software” next to your model.
From the following box that pops up, select “Browse my computer for driver software.”

Select “Let me choose from the Canon drivers on my computer” from the menu. After choosing the “Printer” option, click “Next.”

Select your printer driver from the list of available drivers on the next box and then click “Next.”

Click “Next” after continuing to follow the directions that are displayed on the screen.
After you get a notification confirming that you have successfully inserted your printer, select “Finish” from the menu.
After running a print test, restart your computer at this point.
After your computer properly restarts, select “Printer Properties” under “Devices and Printers” in the Start menu.

Select “Print test page.”

Your printer is now set up and prepared for usage.
You may easily install a Canon printer on a Windows computer without a CD by using the instructions listed above and a connected connection.

Using the Canon printer installation, establish a wireless connection on Windows without a CD.
Here are a few requirements for installing a wireless Canon printer on Windows without a CD.

A WPS push button that is physically present on the access point is required.
The WiFi protected access or WPA2 security protocol must be used by the user’s network.
The installation process is as follows: • Make sure your printer is turned on first. Your printer’s WiFi button should be pressed and held down until the alert lamp flashes at least once.

To add your printer, click the “+” button. Your Canon printer’s model will now appear on the screen. Select it, then click “OK.” Your printer will be ready for use after the setup is complete.

Next, select “Printers and Scanners” from the menu.

Both the power and the WiFi lights will cease blinking after the printer successfully connects to your wireless network and will display a steady light.

You can now print a test page using your Canon printer since it is wirelessly linked!

For comprehensive information on printer setup, additionally see Canon ij installation.

Using a USB cable and a Mac computer, install a Canon printer without a CD:
You can use the Canon printer installer to install a Canon printer on a Mac without a CD by following the steps listed below.

To begin, attach your Canon printer via USB to your Mac computer.
Start your printer now.
Next, choose “System Preferences” from the Apple menu by clicking on it.
Verify that the button’s nearby lamp is flashing blue. After that, after two minutes, go to the printer’s access point and push the WPS button.

Mac using wireless connection without CD
The methods listed below will fully walk you through installing the Canon printer on a Mac without a CD.

• Open the Canon printer installation website and type your printer’s model number into the box on the screen. Then choose continue after clicking the “Drivers & initialise” option.

Select “Next” from the following screen.

•You will be prompted to choose between a USB connection and a wireless connection on the next screen. From the two options, choose “Wireless connection.”

Check that the power lamp is on at this step and then click “Next.”

Select “Connect to the Network” on the following screen.

•Hold down the printer’s wifi button after the “Connection through cableless” screen appears until the orange alarm lamp flashes twice. Release following the second flash.

Check that the green power lamp is on and the blue WiFi lamp is flashing quickly. Select “Next.”

Choose your current region on the screen that follows by pressing “Next.”

Select your home address on the screen that displays when you hit “Next.”

Click “Yes” to agree to end the user

license agreement on this next screen.

From the subsequent screen that displays, select “Add a printer.”

•Choose “Add” from the next screen after choosing your Canon printer model and driver version.

•To complete the setup procedure, simply click “Next” at the final step!

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