canon selphy printer setup

Canon Selphy Printer Setup

The portable Canon SELPHY printer lets you print memories while you’re on the go. This printer has a slot for holding photo sheets and can be used anywhere thanks to its battery backup. These days, you may wirelessly connect this printer to any gadget, including smartphones and tablets. What else? You may access the settings on the touch screen of the Canon SELPHY printer. Additionally, you can now instantaneously print from any social networking site or directly from the camera memory card.Compact instant photo printer SELPHY comes with full wifi and portability characteristics. The photographs are dried using the Dry Sub technology before being instantly printed. Additionally, the quality of these dry instant images makes them the ideal option. Enjoy the amusement and functionality in a stylish, portable printer right away!

The little Canon SELPHY printer can now be linked to a wireless network via the touch screen. To continue with the wireless setup, adhere to the setup procedures listed below. 

1. Start by navigating to the printer’s touch screen and selecting the Wifi icon.
2.Then pick Wifi Network under the Connection mode option.
3.Select the Search Access Point option after that.
4.The printer then looks for all neighbouring wireless networks. Choose your wifi network from the list, then use the touch keypad to enter the password.
5.Download the Canon SELPHY setup Wireless software to Windows after creating a secure connection.
6.Start the wireless setup wizard after that, and follow the instructions.
7. Print a test file after adding your SELPHY printer to Windows.

Wireless connections to Canon SELPHY are simple for MAC and iOS devices. You might need the most recent Canon driver and software for this, in addition to the WiFi password.

1.Connect the MAC computer to the WiFi first.
2.Next, tap the Wifi icon on the printer’s touch screen after turning it on.
3.After that, pick the Connection mode under Network Settings.
4.Select the WiFi network after that, and then click “Search for Access Point.”
5.Additionally, choose your WiFi name from the list of neighbouring Wireless networks that are accessible.
6. Next, use the touch keypad to enter the WiFi password.
7.The most recent Canon SELPHY configuration drivers should then be downloaded to the MAC after connecting the printer to the wireless network.
8.Click on the name of your printer in the “Add Printer” window to add the printer to the MAC computer.
9.If the name of your printer does not appear in the list of accessible devices, call our professionals to manually add it.
10.Finally, complete the configuration by following the instructions on the wizard screen.

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