Set up a network or USB connected printer with a Chromebook.

Setup from HP Smart (HP+ printers only)

If you have an HP+ printer, you must use HP Smart to create an account and configure your printer from a different device, such as a smartphone. To register the printer with HP, you must do this.
WARNING: If you don’t register your HP+ printer with HP, it could cease functioning.
1. Verify that the mobile device is linked to the same network as your computer or printer.
2. Get HP Smart from or your app store, then install it.
3. Launch HP Smart and adhere to the on-screen prompts to create an account and configure your printer.
Visit HP printer setup  for additional details (HP Smart app).

Add the printer to the Chromebook

To finish the setup, connect the printer to your Chromebook using USB cord or Wi-Fi. Your printer can be set up without any drivers or applications.

1. Install the most recent Chrome OS version on the Chromebook.
2. Either utilise a direct USB connection or join the printer to the same network as the Chromebook.
o Wi-Fi connection for printers equipped with touchscreens for the control panel: Select Wireless Setup Wizard from the Setup, Network, or Wireless settings menu, open the prompts to choose the network name and input the password, and then proceed as directed.
For the majority of printers without a touchscreen control panel, hold down the Wireless button for five seconds or until the wireless light begins to flash in order to establish a Wi-Fi connection. When the connection procedure starts, press and hold the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on the router for two minutes. The wireless printer LED stops blinking as soon as the connection is established.
o To connect to WiFi with an HP Deskjet 6000 or 6400, an ENVY 6000 or 6400, or a Tango printer, press and hold the Power and Wi-Fi buttons on the printer’s rear for five seconds, or until the blue bar flashes. Press and hold the WPS button on the router for two minutes to start the connecting process. When the connection is complete, the blue bar ceases to flash.
o Wired (Ethernet) network connection: Attach the network wire to both an accessible port on the router or access point and the printer’s Ethernet port. The orange activity light at the printer interface should flash while the green light should remain stable.
o USB connection: Attach the cord to the printer’s USB connector on the back and a port on the Chromebook.
3. On the Chromebook, select Settings by clicking the clock in the lower right corner.
4. Scroll to the screen’s bottom and click Advanced.
5. Click Printers Add Printer under Printing.
o If your printer appears, click Add after selecting it.
o Click Add Manually and then adhere to the directions if your printer does not appear. Visit Chromebook Help – to Set up your printer with Chromebook (for further details).
Print from the Chromebook
Using the Chrome browser and compatible apps, you may print pictures, documents, webpages, and emails.
1. Open the file you wish to print.
2. Select Print after clicking the Chrome browser’s Settings button.
3. Click Change next to Destination, then choose your printer.
4. Make any necessary changes to the print settings, then click Print.

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