How To Factory Reset HP Printer

This article will go over the many types of resets available for HP printers. Furthermore, we will show how to do them in a simple and easy method.

How To Hard Reset Your HP Printer To Factory Settings

  • First, turn on your printer and navigate to the printer’s control panel.
  • Press and hold the information button (i button) on the panel for 3 seconds before releasing it.

Reset HP Printer

  • Now, hold down the ‘Wireless’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons for 1 second before releasing them.

Hard Factory Reset

  • The printer will then automatically shut down and restart.

Factory Reset

  • Finally, your printer has been reset to factory defaults and is now ready for use.

Learn How To Factory Reset HP Printer With A Touchscreen Display

Follow the instructions below to factory reset HP printer with a touchscreen display

  • Turn on your HP printer and make sure it is in the ‘Ready state’.

Factory Reset HP Printer With A Touchscreen Display

  • Now, on the screen, navigate to the printer’s control panel and pick the ‘Wireless icon’.

HP Printer Reset

  • Then, press the ‘Settings’ button and then scroll down and select ‘Restore Network Settings’.

Restore Network Settings

  • After that, select ‘Yes’ on the following screen prompt.

Restore Default Settings

  • Finally, you will be notified that your default settings have been restored.

Restore Network Setting

  • Your printer is now in its default state and ready for usage.

Learn How To Reset A Printer Using The HP Smart App

  • To begin, use the HP smart app on your device and pick the printer model you want to reset.
  • Navigate to ‘Advance’ and select ‘Advance settings’.
  • This will now open an HP web page with information about your printer.
  • Click the settings icon here.
  • After that, click ‘Restore defaults’ and select ‘Restore factory defaults’ before clicking ‘OK’.
  • You may now see a page informing you that the connection is insecure. However, you need not be concerned because this page is from HP’s official website. As a result, click on Show More to open the page.
  • Another page will now load. Click the ‘Restore Factory Defaults’ button (blue colour button).

Reset Printer Network Settings

Follow the instructions below to learn how to reset your printer’s network settings –

  • To begin, disconnect your printer’s power cord and reconnect it after 60 seconds.
  • Turn on the printer and simultaneously push the ‘Wireless’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons for 3-5 seconds.
  • The printer’s default wireless settings have been restored, and the printer is now in setup mode. This will also be signalled by the blinking of the power button light and the blue wifi light.
  • Finally, your printer is now ready for wireless network connection.


To efficiently optimise its performance and resolve frequent faults, you can reset your HP printer to its factory settings. You may also quickly reset your HP printer to its default settings and optimise its functionality by following the guidelines provided above.

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