How To Connect Brother Printer To Laptop

Steps To Follow To Connect Your Brother Printer  

Connect Brother Printer TO LAaptop via Wifi

One of the top printer brands that are widely utilized by customers around the world is Brother. When printing something, you may immediately access its incredible printing features. It has simple wired and wireless access to the computer. However, there aren’t many users who know how to connect Brother printer to laptop or computer. If you’re one of them, reading this post will make it extremely simple for you to figure it out.  

Connect Brother Printer to Computer with cable

If you have the necessary information, you can then connect it easily. If you don’t know how to connect Brother printer to computer, then follow these instructions:

    • Click the download link.

    • Under the Select Product Group section, select Printer.

    • To continue, select View from the menu.

    • From the drop-down box, select your OS before selecting your language.

    • The driver will now start downloading and wait for the download to finish for a shorter period of time.

    • Start your laptop again, and then use a USB cord to attach your printer to it.

    • Now that your Brother printer is turned on, wait until your laptop detects it and establishes a connection.

Connect your Wireless Brother Printer via Wi-Fi

Additionally, the Brother Printer offers wireless printing capabilities that enable you to easily print any document without a wired connection. You would need to do this by connecting your printer to the laptop’s wifi connection. You can follow the steps below to connect Brother wireless printer to laptop:

    • Then turn on your Brother printer, and using the touch screen control panel, navigate to the menu.

    • Select WLAN by clicking under the Network section.

    • The Setup Wizard can be selected by clicking.

    • Once Network I/F has been changed to Wireless on the screen, press Enter.

    • Find your network from the results that show next, and then click Enter.

    • The Wi-Fi password must then be entered in the field provided after you are asked to enter your wireless network’s password.

    • Once your printer has been successfully connected to the wireless network, you can verify the connection by printing anything.

You may easily connect your Brother Printer to the computer in several ways by following these instructions. Following these procedures should resolve the problem with your Brother Printer not connecting to your computer, but if it persists, you can contact our technician team for simple fixes to any additional issues you may be experiencing with the Brother Printer

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