We recognise your annoyance if you've ever been trapped with a printer that won't print in black.

Black not PrintingWhether you’re in a hurry, need crucial documents produced quickly, or need paper documents immediately since you’re running behind schedule. You’re in a tough spot when a printer won’t print in black.

You’ve come to the proper spot, which is the one positive thing. When a printer won’t print black, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Verifying the Foundation

Your printer may not be printing black for a variety of reasons. We must determine the root of the issue before we can make your printer fully operational once more.

Checking the fundamentals is the first step.

Make sure you are familiar with the brand and model of your printer, as well as the kind it is.

For instance, is it a colour or monochrome printer? Inkjet or laser?

You may also require access to the necessary documentation for your printer (user manuals, etc.).

  • Complete a Power Cycle — Before continuing, make sure your printer has undergone a full power cycle. To switch it off and on again is to say something informally. Disconnect all wires, turn off the printer completely, and remove the power supply. Wait a short while, then restart it to see whether your issue has been resolved.
  • Print a test page.:-Printing a test page is an easy way to assess your printer’s functionality and check to see if any black ink appears on the paper. This choice ought to be present on your printer’s display panel. It might go by another name, like “Quality Diagnostic Report.”

Check the estimated ink levels in your printer’s cartridges, and replace any that are low or empty.

  • Verify Printer is Set Up Correctly – Check the printer setup according to the user handbook.

Step 2. Recognizing Cartridge Issues

Your printer might not print black due to other probable printer cartridge problems in addition to the ink levels.

  • Verify Correct Installation – Printer cartridges normally snap into the appropriate slots. Ensure that they are properly placed and installed.
  • Verify Cartridge Vent – It can be simple to overlook the tiny piece of tape covering the vent when inserting fresh printer cartridges. Make sure this is taken out to ensure proper venting and proper operation of the cartridge. Additionally, make sure the vents are not obstructed or blocked in any way. If so, watch the video below to find out how to clean them.
  • Change Cartridges – Even if your cartridges are full, the printer may be having a less evident problem that prevents it from printing black. It is a good idea to replace all of your printer cartridges to attempt and fix the issue after exploring all other options. We advise utilising Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges for the best outcomes.

Step 3: Determining Printhead Issues

The part that transfers the ink droplets to the paper is the printhead, which is where the ink cartridges are housed. Dry ink can build up in the printhead over time, which can lead to issues like stopping ink from reaching the page.

The maintenance of printers must include cleaning the printhead. There are two primary methods:

  • Automatic Printhead Cleaning – You can choose automated printhead cleaning options from your printer’s maintenance menu on the majority of contemporary printers. To clear your printhead, you might need to use this option more than once.
  • Manual Printhead Cleaning – While using the automatic cleaning option is the simplest approach to fix printhead problems, hand-cleaning your printhead can produce better results if you can remove it. To make sure you don’t harm your printer, make sure to read the manual specifically for it.

The printhead alignment is a different issue that may prevent your printer from producing in black ink.

  • Align the Printhead – In their maintenance menu or control panel, many printers include a “Align Printhead” option. This fixes skewed colours and lines, calibrates the alignment installation places of the printhead, and occasionally makes your printer start printing in black again.

Step 4: Finding Software Issues

The last step is to look for software problems after making sure the hardware is working properly.

• Printer Troubleshooter – Start up your computer’s printer troubleshooter, choose the malfunctioning printer, and wait in the hopes that it discovers a fix.

• Verify Driver Settings – Drivers are programmes that enable communication between your computer and printer. Verify that you have the most recent printer drivers installed; if not, try uninstalling and reinstalling them; or try altering the driver settings (adjusting the paper settings has been known to solve the problem).

• Completely Reconfigure the Printer – If all else fails, you can try a complete printer reconfiguration. This entails wiping clean your laptop of any installed applications and starting over.


Your printer’s inability to print black is probably the result of a cartridge or printhead issue. But if you’ve followed all of these instructions and your printer is still refusing to produce black ink, you might need to get help or find a replacement.

A professional printer service can either resolve the issue or, at the absolute least, provide you with a comprehensive grasp of its root cause. Additionally, they can offer guidance on what to do next if the printer cannot be fixed right away. If the cost of repair is significant, this could mean finding new parts or a replacement printer.

Nobody can really use a printer if it won’t print in black. By using these procedures, you should be able to fix your printer with the least amount of frustration.

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