How to print in color

Set up your Printer for color Printing – Computer

You can print in color by following the given steps:

  1. 1. By selecting the Windows Start symbol from your desktop bottom left corner, you may access Windows Settings. Click the Settings icon next.

  1. Click Devices under Settings.

  1. Please select Printers & Scanners.

  1. Click the name of the printer you wish to configure from the list of installed printers. The listing is widened to provide more options. Choose Manage.

  1. The Manage Your Device screen in Windows will then be displayed.
  2. Once you’ve selected Manage, explore the printer or printing properties screens for your printer and look for a menu item labeled “Color Settings” or “Select Color,” which may include options like “Color,” “Grayscale,” or “Monochrome.”
  3. Select the “Color” option to print in color.

Brand-Specific Instructions to follow to print in color: 

  • Ricoh
  1. Click Printer properties on the Manage your device screen in Windows.

  1. Then select Preferences.

  1. Pick Color from the dropdown menu for the color mode.

  1. To save, click OK.
  • Konica
  1. Click Printing preferences on the Manage your device screen in Windows.

  1. To print in color, select auto color under Select Color at the bottom right of the screen.

  1. To save, click OK.
  • HP
  1. Click Printing preferences on the Manage your device screen in Windows.

  1. Click the Color tab on the Printing Preferences screen of the HP printer.

  1. To print in color, select Automatic from the list of color options.

  1. To save, click OK.

Set your Printer for color Printing – Mac

Print pictures and PDF files on a Mac with ColorSync Utility

  • Choose File > Open in the ColorSync Utility software on your Mac, then either an image or a PDF file.
  • Select File > Print, then click Show Details after the file has opened.
  • Select an option by clicking the Color pop-up menu:
  • Printer profile prematch: regulates how colors are managed in printed output.
  • Transfer to printer: Allows the printer to manage the printed output’s color.
  • Print without any color management: Prints the document in full color. Only if the document and printer share the same color space is this option available.
  • If you choose “Prematch to printer profile,” select one of the following options by clicking the Intent pop-up menu:
  • Perceptual: Useful for pictures, and applies realistic-looking colors.
  • Relative colorimeter: Maintain color accuracy when precise colors are required for certain pictures.
  • Saturation: Maintains the vibrancy of the colors, which is helpful for graphics like pie charts and bar graphs.
  • Absolute colorimeter: Adjusts the colors to take into account the variations in white points.
  • Press Print.

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