HP Officejet Pro Printer Setup

HP Officejet Pro Setup

How to set up the HP Office Jet Pro Wireless Printer and USB.

Unbox and set up the HP Officejet Pro Printer by connecting to a network and/or plugging in a USB cable. This does not involve the installation of any software. Both a USB and a WIFI connection are available on the HP OfficeJet . The stages in the HP setup guide are supplemented by the instructions in this tutorial.

1) Take the printer out of the box.

  • Unplug the cords and take out the installation disc.
  • Installation Disc for Drivers
  • Slide the printer out of the box by turning it upside down on a wide table or on the floor.
  • Remove the foam packaging from the sides of the container.
  • Packaging printer
  • Take away the plastic bag.
  • Remove all plastic from the printer’s tops and sides.
  • Remove the plastic cover from the copper coloured connections by opening the print cartridge bags.

2) Connect the printer to a power supply.

  • The tab/clip will be at the top of the plug, and this is the purple connection in the rear.

3) Press the power button on the control panel’s lower left to turn on the printer.

4) When you turn on the computer, a question concerning English 1 or another language shows on the screen.

  • For English, press the number 1 on the numeric pad.
  • To alter the displayed code for other languages, use the left and right arrow keys on each side of the OK.

5)The next question on the screen is a location question, with USA=11.

  • To find options, use the left and right arrow keys on either side of the OK button.
  • OK Button for Printer
  • In the numeric keypad, type your location’s phone number.
  • Then double-check by pressing 1.
  • To keep the settings, power off and then on.

6) The Print Cartridges are missing or not detected notice will appear next.

  • Open the printer door, then switch the printer off and on.
  • After a few back-and-forth movements, the print head will settle inside the opening.
  • Close the door and wait 5 seconds before opening it again if the print head does not move to the correct position.
  • If you haven’t already, remove the plastic off the bottom of the cartridge to uncover the connections.
  • Place the colour to the left of the front with a tiny upward tilt, then press forward and up.
  • Do the same thing with the black on the right side of the print head, pushing forward and then up with a little more than gentle force.
  • Close the door and press the OK button on the control panel.
  • In the printer, the print head will be moved about.

7)Open the Paper guide and install it.

  • The guide has two prongs that fit into the holes on either side of the printer’s primary entrance at the bottom.
  • Slide the prongs into the holes with the end of the guide slightly up and let the tray to drop into place.
  • Place around 20 sheets of paper in the tray.

8)To begin the alignment procedure, press OK.

  • A sheet will be printed by the printer.
  • Fill in the blanks in the scanner and press OK.
  • The scanner will start, and a page of the HP menu map will print.
  • Please save this map for future reference.

9)To activate the wireless,

  • Press the wireless button on the control panel’s left.
  • The light will change colour to blue.

10)To establish a wireless network connection.

  • Press the wrench-shaped button on the far right.
  • Go to the wifi menu by pressing the right arrow key next to the OK button.
  • Setup Wizard will appear.
  • Select OK.
  • It will look for available wifi in the region.
  • When it finds wifi routers, it will display the name(s) (tenda, for example), and if the first name is correct, press OK.
  • If this isn’t the proper network for you, press the right arrow button to show a list of other accessible networks.
  • Press OK on the panel when the right network name shows.
  • If the printer connects, the message Success, connected to network, hit OK will appear.

11) Now you may install the printer software.

  • If you’re using a Windows computer, first install the software from the CD before connecting to the printer through USB – or before connecting to the Wifi printer.
  • If you’re using a Mac, connect the printer before installing the software from the CD.
  • A pop-up will appear if the printer is connected via USB, allowing the software to be installed automatically. This can be used instead of the CD to install the printer.

12) To connect with a USB cord.

  • Plug the connection’s round end into the printer’s rear.
  • Connect the square end of the cable to the computer’s USB port.
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