How to restore black printing on your HP printer.

Black not Printing

  • Many users lamented that their HP printer would not print in black when they needed it.
  • Find the best answers below if you’re one of those people who wonders why my HP printer won’t print in black ink.
  • When you don’t experience this kind of problem, the printer troubleshooter might be quite helpful.
  • Never forget to load the printer with a genuine Hewlett-Packard cartridge.

    1. Clean the printhead

    Black ink is typically not printed by HP printers with clogged printhead nozzles. Therefore, some HP printer users have reported that cleaning the printhead provides a fix for the printing issue.

    Remember that it could take a few attempts for the print quality to be entirely recovered. Varied HP printer models may have slightly different printhead cleaning procedures.

    Typically, an HP printer’s control panel has a Printer Maintenance menu from which you can choose a Deep Cleaning or Clean Printhead option.

    If you choose that option, a page with a pattern output for different colours may be printed.

    Therefore, before choosing to clean the printhead, make sure there is paper loaded into the printer. For more detailed instructions on how to clean the printhead on your printer, consult the user manual.

    2. Open the Printer troubleshooter

    1. The Printer troubleshooter can be accessed by Windows 10 users by clicking the Cortana Type here to search button on the taskbar.

    2. Search for printer and then click Printers & scanners.

    4. Select the HP printer model you own from the list in the troubleshooter’s display.       

    3. Click Run the troubleshooter after selecting Troubleshoot your printer.

    5. Next, click the Next option to use the troubleshooter to fix the printer.

  • 3. Fix the printing with HP Print and Scan Doctor

    1. Download the setup wizard for the HP Print and Scan Doctor software.

    2. To install HP Print and Scan Doctor, click HPPS.dr.exe in the folder.

    3. Click Start to select your HP printer, and then click Next.

    4. Choose the option to fix printing.

    5. The software may then show wrench icons to indicate that something has been corrected. Close the troubleshooter if it is and try printing once more.

    6. As an alternative, you could spot an X icon. If yes, carry ahead with the troubleshooter and use the guidance it offers to resolve the problem.

    7.Users of Hewlett-Packard printers can also use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to correct printing problems.

    8.That troubleshooter was created with Hewlett-Packard printers in mind. With HP Print and Scan Doctor, users can fix printing in the ways listed below.

    9.Additionally, if your HP Envy printer stops printing after upgrading to Windows 10, take a closer look at our tutorial to quickly resolve this problem.

    4. Add a genuine Hewlett-Packard cartridge to the

    On Hewlett-Packard printers, third-party ink cartridges don’t always perform as well as they should.

    Therefore, swapping a third-party cartridge for a Hewlett-Packard cartridge that is more authentic may resolve the issue with an HP printer that won’t print black ink.

    Users can enter their printer models in a search box on the HP website to find ink cartridges that are compatible with their particular type of printer.

    Also keep in mind that there are phoney, stolen HP ink cartridges. Therefore, it could be worthwhile to check to see if your cartridge is a fake.

    Users of HP printers can identify fraudulent cartridges by scanning the QR codes using a QR scanner or the SureSupply app.

    As an alternative, users can verify the serial numbers on the cartridge labels by entering them on the HP verification page.

    5. Replace cartridges that are low on ink

    When a printer stops printing black ink, the vast majority of users will probably check the ink levels. However, if a cartridge isn’t entirely empty of ink, some users might forget to replace it.

    When the black ink cartridge is nearly empty but not entirely empty, you should replace it. When a cartridge is out of ink, the ink level indicator displays an exclamation point.

    Therefore, if you see an exclamation point next to the black ink cartridge on the printer control panel’s ink level display, replace it.

    6. Align the printhead

    If a printer hasn’t been calibrated, it might not print in black. So, calibrating an HP printer by lining up its printhead could resolve printing issues.

    On the Printer Maintenance or Tools control panel menus of the majority of HP printers, there will typically be an Align Printhead option that customers may utilise to calibrate.

    After choosing that, an alignment sheet will print and the printer will be calibrated. For each model, HP printer manuals will offer more detailed instructions on printhead alignment.

    The aforementioned fixes will most likely make HP printers output ink in black. If none of the aforementioned fixes succeed, the printer may need to be repaired.

    HP printers that are still covered by warranties can be sent back to the maker for service. In order to determine whether you can return your printer to Hewlett-Packard, check the printer’s warranty duration.

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