How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Color Correctly

Color Not Printing


One of the best printer manufacturers, HP provides extremely dependable and fast printers. No matter how dependable a printer is, problems can still occur, just like with any other piece of equipment. Therefore, you’ve come to the right site if you’re facing problems like HP printer ink system failure, printer not printing in colour, or colour problems that you’re wondering how to fix.

We’re going to give you a step-by-step tutorial today on how to fix the problems with HP printers that cause colour to print incorrectly on laser and inkjet printers. To at least offer you a clue as to how to fix the issue, let’s first talk about why you are having it.

1.Check Remaining Ink / Toner Levels & Replace Cartridge if Necessary

Check to see whether your printer’s ink or toner is not running low before you undertake anything complicated. The remaining cartridge levels on your printer are visible for inspection. Check the cartridge’s expiration date if it has reached its capacity but your printing is still not accurate. Ink cartridges that have run out frequently dry out, which affects how prints turn out.

The steps listed below can be used to check the amount of ink or toner left in your printer.

  1. Modify the Color Options and Theme

Incorrect print settings are another factor contributing to your HP printer’s inability to produce colours correctly. The steps are as follows:

Follow these first two instructions to configure your printer’s colour settings and colour theme:

  1. From the programme, select Print.
  2. Select Preferences or Properties after choosing your printer.

(A) Pick a colour scheme.

  1. Click Advanced to access the Color Themes drop-down menu.
  2. Select one of the following themes:
  • None
  • Graphic (sRGB): There are darker and more vivid colours present. Therefore, printing photos on it is ideal.

o Photo (Adobe RGB 1998): This printer uses AdobeRGB colours rather than sRGB to print digital images. If you choose this, you must turn off colour management for your printer.

  • Standard (sRGB): Uses raw device mode to print RGB colours.

Vivid (sRGB): Because it boosts the saturation of midtones, it is perfect for printing commercial graphics.

(c) Choose Your Colors

First, select Paper/Quality.

  1. From the Color field, select a colour.

(a) Windows OS for HP Inkjet Printers

  1. Open Properties, Preferences, Printer, Printer Setup, or Options on the Print window (this depends on your software application).
  2. The Print Quality can be changed. To improve print quality, select Draft, Normal, or Best. Check to make sure the grayscale option is not chosen.
  1. b) Using macOS
  1. Select Media & Quality or Paper Type/Quality from the Print window.
  2. The Quality field allows you to improve the print quality.
  3. Inspect the toner cartridge in your printer for any damage (For Laser Printers)
  4. Take out the toner cartridges from your printer, making sure to take off the sealing tape.
  5. To evenly disperse the powder toner, gently rock the cartridges.
  6. Inspect the memory chips in the toner for any damage.
  7. Examine the roller surfaces of the toner cartridges without touching them.
  8. Change the cartridge if the roller has any scratches, blemishes, or damage.
  9. Gently jiggle your cartridges before reinstalling them to ensure that the rollers are undamaged. Check a few prints to see if this fixes your issue.
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