How to Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

HP Printer Blank Pages Issue

Why are my HP printer’s printed sheets blank?

If your HP printer outputs blank pages despite the fact that you have ink in the cartridges, there is either a hardware or software issue.

You should be aware of whether printing blank pages is a hardware or software issue before consulting any specialist. Because if it’s a software issue, you may resolve it on your own by using the troubleshooting procedures listed below. However, you might need to call a technician to fix it if it’s a hardware issue.

How to determine whether an HP printer has a software or hardware issue?

Try printing a black-and-white or colour copy from it to see whether your HP Printer is having hardware or software issues while producing blank pages. If your printer can produce a black-and-white or colour copy, there is a software issue. And troubleshooting can be used to resolve it. It is a hardware issue, though, if it is printing blank pages and not making copies.

The HP printer frequently encounters software issues whether printing in black or colour. So use these online troubleshooting techniques to solve it.

How do I fix my HP printer so it stops printing pages?

Users of Windows 10 who are having issues with their HP printer printing blank pages should follow these troubleshooting instructions.

  • Remove the power line from the printer’s rear to turn it off.
  • From the computer’s Control Panel, remove the HP Printer drivers.
  • From the list of devices and printers, remove the HP printer.
  • Activate the HP printer.
  • Holding down the printer’s wireless button will reset the wireless connection.
  • Reset Wireless Connection to confirm (Wireless Light will start blinking)
  • The wireless connection must be reset in order to update the printer’s firmware.
  • Connect your HP printer once more to your home network.
  • Launch the HP Smart App on a Windows 10 device.
  • Simply select Setup a new Printer.
  • To set up the HP Printer, adhere to the directions on the HP Smart.
  • The computer will then be updated with the most recent HP drivers once it is finished.
  • Any document you print from the computer will now print in both black and colour.
  • Following this troubleshooting, the HP printer’s printing blank pages issue will be entirely resolved.

Note: If you discover that your HP printer is printing blank pages because of a hardware issue, contact HP Support for more assistance.

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