HP Printer Scanner not working

HP Printer Scanner not Working


Not just HP-branded printers have this issue; many printers with scanners do as well. But don’t panic; the issue can be remedied rather simply. The choices are as follows:

1] Reset the printer scanner

Resetting the printer scanner may be the first action you want to take in this situation. Since this is a straightforward activity, we don’t anticipate that many users will have too much trouble completing it.

The user must first turn the printer scanner off before unplugging the power cord from the outlet in order to reset it. After waiting for 10 to 20 seconds, plug the appliance back into the outlet and restart it.

Now that you’ve done that, you can proceed to see if the scanner is still not functioning as it should.

2] Check printer scanner compatibility with Windows 11/10

Your printer may stutter when scanning after upgrading to either of these operating systems. Perhaps compatibility is the main factor rather than anything else. We advise visiting HP Printers – Windows 10 Compatible Printers to learn the truth.

You can check on that website to determine if a specific HP printer is compatible with Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems.

3] Use HP Print and Scan Doctor software

Print and Scan Doctor is a troubleshooting utility that is exclusive to HP. The software’s scanning and printing issues are intended to be fixed for all of its printer models.

  • Visit the official HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows website to get the application.
  • You must now go through the setup procedure by selecting your printer after installing it on your PC. Next, select Fix Scanning to proceed to the following action.
  • The software will inform the user whether any issues have been resolved after troubleshooting is finished.

4] Reinstall the official HP printer software

Okay, so it’s possible that the HP printer software is malfunctioning, which explains the scanning problems that many users are experiencing. Reinstalling the software is your best option right now in the hopes that everything will work normally again.

By right-clicking the Start menu button and choosing Run, you can see the Run dialogue box.

Please type appwiz.cpl into the box, then press the OK or Enter keys to launch Programs and Features.

To uninstall the official HP printer software, perform a right-click in Programs and Features and select Uninstall.

Quickly restart your Windows operating system.

To download and install the correct software created for your HP printer, go to the official HP support page.

After installation, restart your computer and verify that the scanner is functioning properly.

5] Check if Windows Image Acquisition is running

In some circumstances, Windows Image Acquisition being deactivated is a major factor in the problems your HP scanner is experiencing.

Start by opening the Run dialogue box by clicking the Windows key + R.

Please enter services.msc into the box and press the Enter key.

Scroll down until you reach Windows Image Acquisition from the Names category (WIA).

To access its Properties window, double-click on Windows Image Acquisition.

You should choose the General option and then go straight to Startup from there.

Click on Start > Apply > OK after changing the Startup to Automatic.

Restart your computer, and we should now anticipate everything to be functioning as it should—or at least, we hope so.

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