Install Epson Printer Drivers

Download Epson Printer Driver

How to Install Epson Printer Drivers

The Epson Print Driver may be installed on a Windows computer and supports a variety of printer languages, including PCL and ESC/P-R.
Before installing the printer software, make sure your product is turned on and joined to the same network as your computer. Not all printer languages might be supported by your model.

1.The EPSON Print Driver is available for download at
2.Click the downloaded file twice.
3.until you see this screen, follow the directions on the screen:
4. Click OK after selecting Yes: Network connection.
Note: To specify PCL6 as the default printer language, check the Set Default of Printer Control Language to PCL6 checkbox. To set the printer language to ESC/P-R, deselect this option. (You can modify this setting at a later time.)
This screen appears after the software has finished looking for products:
5. Choose one of these:
o Select Add EPSON Print Driver before moving on to the next step if you are just installing one product.
o Select Add detected printers if you’re installing multiple products, then move on to step 9.
Note: By selecting Display Settings, you may modify and filter the results of your product search.
6.If necessary, open the Choose a port to connect a printer option and choose an existing printer port. If not, choose another option to automatically create a new port.
7.Select the list of Found Printers, choose the one you wish to install.

If you do not want the product to be configured as your default printer, deselect the Set as default printer checkbox.
8. Skip the following steps after clicking OK.
9.Choose the items from the Found Printers list and click Add to Printer Folder if you’re installing more than one product.
10. If required, tick the box next to the item you want to set as your default printer.
11.Select OK.

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