How to Setup New Printer

Installing a new printer

Having trouble setting up your new printer? The fundamental procedures for setting up practically any printer are listed here.

  1. Connect the printer’s power cord, then turn it on.

                  Printer Setup

2. Join the printer and computer using the provided cable (often a USB cord). Note: If you’re using a wireless printer, the procedure will change; we’ll cover it in more detail later.

                  Printer Setup with USB

3. Look for the Printer settings on your PC. You can locate these in the Control Panel if you’re using a Windows machine. You can locate them in System Preferences if you’re using a Mac.

               Control Panel

4. Locate the Add a Printer option, then adhere to the on-screen directions.

                  Add Printer5. Try printing something at this point! You may, for instance, try printing this sample page. After clicking the link, you can either hit Ctrl+P on your keyboard (or Command+P if you’re using a Mac) or choose File > Print from your web browser’s menu.

6. There will be a dialogue box. Click Print after locating and choosing the new printer from the list.

                   Add Printer

Solutions to typical issues

  • Issue: Printing attempts result in nothing. Even if everything is connected properly, a printer nevertheless could not function for a variety of reasons. To start, ensure sure the paper is in the right tray and that there isn’t any paper jamming the printer.
  • Issue: Despite having paper and being free of any jams, the printer won’t print. Try cancelling the print job from the computer and trying again if the techniques above don’t work. Additionally, many printers offer a button that you may press to cancel the current task. If everything else fails, try restarting the printer to see if it resolves the issue.
  • Issue: The printer functions, but the writing is light and challenging to read. If this occurs, a new ink cartridge is likely needed for your printer to continue operating. What kind of cartridge you need to purchase should be specified in the printer’s instruction manual.

HP Printer

HP Printer Setup

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Canon Printer Setup

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Brother Printer

Brother Printer Setup

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Epson Printer Setup

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