Setup Brother Wireless Printer

Setup Brother Wireless Printer

Are you concerned about how to build a wireless network for a Brother printer? To set up your brother printer’s wifi, see this guide. Setting up a Brother printer to connect to a WiFi or wireless router on a computer running Windows, Windows 10, or macOS. How to set up and connect a Brother printer to WiFi at home or at work. Utilizing the WPS button on the router and installing software from the Brother official website to connect to WiFi. You may set up Brother Wi-Fi printers without an information screen in the panel using the instructions in this article.

How to setup Wi-Fi on Brother printer

 Install the Brother software, then unpack the printer so you can start printing wirelessly. It is not yet necessary to connect it to the computer using an interface cable. Reset the printer’s settings to their default positions first. Press two buttons on the top panel simultaneously after turning off the printer (buttons with an antenna and a cross). Activate the gadget. After turning on, the keys must be held down for 10 seconds until the orange and green LEDs appear. Begin rhythmically and simultaneously blinking. Brother printer setup for a laptop connected to a wireless network utilising the router’s WPS button. On the printer, press the antenna button.

Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router (in some models, you need to hold the button for a few seconds). The printer would connect to the wireless network in one to two minutes. Details on configuring the WPS button are provided (some models have it disabled by default):

 Why is my Brother printer not establishing a WiFi connection?

Brother printer setup requires a computer or laptop and a Wi-Fi or wireless network. You have to install the programme after the reset. The most recent version should be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, though you can use the disc that comes with it.

 • Click the link to visit the manufacturer’s website, then type the model name into the search box.

• Select “Search” from the menu.

• The operating system version is automatically determined.

• If software for 64-bit Windows 10 or Windows 11 is needed.

• In the section titled “Driver-Installation kit of the device software,” choose the necessary software package.

• To get the full-featured software and driver for the Brother Printer Model, click the “Download” button next to that line. once the download is finished.

• Open the installer file and wait while the application extracts the data and unpacks the package.

•Locate the necessary printer series in the window for choosing the device to be used and select “Wireless

•Instead of selecting “Start Installation,” click the “Install Printer Software” link at the top of the next window (although the latter is larger and striking).

Put the radio button for “Advanced installation” in the window where you can choose the type of installation,
then click “Next.”

• Double-check that you accept the licencing agreement’s conditions by checking the box and pressing “Next.”

• Select “Next” in the “Privacy Policy…” window.

• On the following window, select “Next” and uncheck the “Install Brother Printer Drivers…” checkbox.

• Click “Next” after selecting the printer model.

• Click the “Setting up for printing via a wireless network” option in the “Printer connection method” window.

• Be patient as the selected parameters are taken into consideration when updating the software and driver components.

Brother printer computer connection instructions

• The window for wireless printing setup opens after the update.

• At this time, you must connect the mfc printer to a PC or laptop using a USB interface cable.

• After you connect the printer, the “Print setup…” window will vanish and the software installation will proceed without your intervention.

• You must select the “Automatic” radio button in the “Wireless Discovery” window.

• Manually choose the item and type in your wireless network’s information (its name and Wi-Fi password).

• Select “Next”. The programme should show the name of the wireless network your machine is connected to after verifying the given parameters. Click “Next.” The Brother Printer will attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi router by the installation.

How to connect a Brother printer to a wireless network in steps

If everything goes well, the Product
Options window will show up. Select “Disable direct printing” from the radio button. The wireless Brother printer can only be connected by devices on your Wi-Fi network. To enable printing without a router, the printer broadcasts its own private open network. Click “Next.” the window that reads “Successful Network Setting” displays. Brother printer setup requires that you disconnect and setup the USB cable from the Brother printer and computer. Finally, press the “Next” button. Be sure to tick the “Print a test page” box in the final window where the
courteous programme will congratulate you on a job well done and offer to print a test page. Check the box, then click “Next.”

Finally, the printing mechanics ought to be audible and the installation activity ought to be visible.


Utility for wireless printing setup. A tool that aids in wireless network connection is part of the software bundle
for Brother printer drivers for Windows and Mac. Without entirely reinstalling the programme, perform a factory reset.

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