Setup CANON Wireless Printer

Setup Canon Wireless Printer

Setup Canon Wireless Printer

This article has a detailed explanation of how to connect a Canon printer to wireless settings.

You may quickly connect the Canon printer to the WiFi network by carrying out the procedures in this article.

A shared connection, such as WiFi, is used to link a wireless Canon printer to a controlling device. The printer must be connected to the same WiFi network as your computer for this reason.

WPS Connection – Wireless Network Connection for Canon Printer

Make sure your WiFi router has a WPS button before continuing with this procedure. The router also has to support the WPA or WPA2 security protocol.

  • To begin, turn the printer “ON” by pressing the power button. Additionally, turn on your WiFi router using the WPS button.
  • Next, select “Home” on the touch screen for the printer, then press and hold the “WiFi” button.
  • Next, choose “LAN Wireless set up” and then click “OK”. Your printer is now looking for the wireless network’s access point.
  • Select a WiFi network (named Canon in your router setting).
  • The WiFi access point will then prompt you for a passphrase or WPA key. Now type in your WiFi password, and then click “OK.”
  • The procedure of connecting your WiFi router access point and Canon printer will take a little while.

At this point, a connection between the router and the Canon printer will be established automatically. The power and WiFi lights will stop flashing after the wireless connection has been established. Instead, following the connection, they will continue to be lit.

How to Set Up a Canon Wireless Printer on Windows

  • Connect the printer to the WiFi network and configure it first ( followed by as mention in above steps).
  • Next, click this link to obtain the printer driver:
  • After that, double-click the downloaded file to finish the installation process and move on to the following actions.

Press Win Key + R to launch the Run command, and then type control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters into the Run dialogue box.

The “Devices And Printers” folder will now open after you click OK.

•The “Add Printer” button will be shown on this window.

•Follow the instructions that appear on the screen after clicking Add Printer.

Remarks – Check that the printer and computer are properly linked with the USB cable before attempting to use the
USB connection to connect your Canon printer to your PC or laptop. Then, follow the instructions in the steps above to download and install the drivers.

How to Set Up a Wireless Canon Printer on a MAC

It is possible to set up a Canon wireless printer on a MAC by following the procedures listed below.

Then, connect your Canon printer to your wireless network by following the instructions in the first section of this article. • First, turn on your Mac device and Canon printer.

• Next, download the driver from Canon’s website at Finish installing the drivers at this point.

• Next, select System and Preference from the Apple menu.

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