How to turn printer online

Turn Printer Online If your printer can’t communicate with your PC, it can be offline. Check all the possible methods to turn printer online. Methods to turn printer online: Verify Network Connection to turn printer online: Verify that the printer is turned on and linked to your PC’s wireless network. The built-in menu on your … Read more

Why is my hp printer offline

Setup HP printer offline to online  Computer startup and printer problems are still common occurrences for certain people despite the technological advances of today. Nothing is more frustrating for a business owner than learning that their hp printer is offline and having no idea how to fix it. Why is my hp printer offline? When … Read more

how to fix offline printer

Fix Offline Printer Follow the given instructions step by step Fix 1: Check for any error messages You should first check the printer itself if it seems offline and won’t print. Is it powered on? Verify that the paper tray is filled, then scan the printer display for any error messages that might hint at … Read more